K M Chokkalingam, Dr. A. R. Saravanakumar


The Present School education system takes effort to render focus on science education by inculcation of perception skill among high school students. On the other hand, efforts have been taken to make students away from rote memory so that the students can have scientific attitude by their perception skills with a view to enhance to learn science in high schools. At this juncture, learner of high schools is expected to do their own research to define the nature of science.  Perception is our sensory experience of the world around us and involves both recognizing environmental stimuli and actions in response to these stimuli. Through the perceptual process, we gain information about properties and elements of the environment that are critical to our survival. Perception not only creates our experience of the world around us; it allows us to act within our environment.  Perceptual skills are entirely different from perspective learning. However perceptual skills have more influence on learning content. As far as science is concerned, perceptual skills plays a vital role in learning science content and concept in scientific and systematic manner. At high school level, many students lack in spirit of learning science and on the other hand science teachers give more importance for theoretical knowledge than practical aspects. Science education is more important to make the students aware of environment and also make them adapt to the prevailing environment Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. The perceptual skills alone help the students to enhance their achievement in science and this study took more efforts to improve science learning of the students through perceptual skills only. Teachers may achieve the scientific goals and therefore the investigator rationally presents the study to find out effect of perceptual skills for enhancing students’ achievement in science at high school level.


Perceptual skill, Science, Achievement and High school

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