Shruti Kothavale, Namrata Patil


Background: The purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of resisted exercises and aquatic exercises in post traumatic wrist stiffness. Method: 30 subjects of post traumatic wrist stiffness were included in this study. Following the data collection, the subjects were allotted into 2 groups, Group A – Conventional treatment along with aquatic exercises and Group B – Conventional treatment along with resisted exercises. Before and After the treatment protocol subjects were assessed by Goniometer for range of motion and PRWE Scale, these outcome measures were analysed.

Result: Pre and Post treatment protocol was analysed using paired t test and unpaired t test. Analysis for range of motion (p= <0.0001), PRWE (p= <0.0001).

Conclusion: Aquatic therapy with conventional therapy i.e. (paraffin wax bath and mobilization) enhances the range of motion of wrist and reduces pain and increases the strength and movement and activity of wrist.


Aquatic exercises, post traumatic wrist stiffness, resisted exercises.

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