Nayala Diwan, Poonam Patil, Vaishali Jagtap


Background: The purpose of this study was to assess the comparativeness between Buerger’s Exercise and Faradism under Pressure in Varicose Veins.

Method: A comparative study was conducted at physiotherapy department of Krishna      College of physiotherapy. A total 40 patients were equally divided into two groups using     convenient sampling with chit method (Group A and Group B). Group A was given Buerger’s Exercise along with conventional treatment and Group B was given Faradism under Pressure (FUP) with conventional treatment.

Result: Pre and Post treatment protocol was analysed using paired t test and unpaired t test. Analysis for VAS (p= <0.0001), Grades of Oedema (p= <0.0001) and 6-Minute walk test (p= <0.0001).

Conclusion: From this study, it can be concluded that there was extremely significant improvement in subjects who underwent conventional treatment and Buerger’s exercise statistically and clinically which decreased the Pain and increased the walking distance of the subjects and was also beneficial in reducing localized swelling in the lower limb.


Varicose Veins, Buerger’s Exercise and FUP

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