Shailendra Kumar Singh, Mrityunjay Kumar Singh


Introduction-In recent time, increasing cosmetic awareness and life style upgradation has resulted in a recent upswing in the fortunes of dermatosurgeons and cosmetic surgeons. Dermabrasion is one of the modality used as therapeutic as well as cosmetic procedure in various skin conditions.

Objectives-To compare the efficacy of Manual, Electrical Dermabraders & Combination of both in various dermatoses.

Material and methods-  Patients of both gender & different ages who were clinically diagnosed as one of the indications for dermabrasion were selected from OPD Patients were registered in five groups and allocated with three modalities.

Results- There were 60 patients (32 male & 28 female) underwent the treatment and follow up for one year. Maximum number of patients belongs to Lichen planus hypertrophicus and Lichen simplex chronicus. In present study a combined approach of electrical and manual dermabrasion had shown good results than electrical and manual dermabrasion alone. Among electrical and manual dermabrasion, manual dermabrasion had the worst results. Maximum cases are from lower limb.

Limitations- Larger studies are required to further confirm the efficacy of different modalities. Full face dermabrasion was not performed in any patient as it is a major operation requiring a fully equipped operation theater and postoperative care.

Conclusion- Combination of electrical and manual dermabrasion is better than electrical dermabrasion alone and manual dermabrasion has the worst result. Procedure was well tolerated by all patients with no serious complication. Post operative oozing was most common immediate complication (100%) and persistent hypopigmentation at the end of 6 months of study was the most common delayed complication.


VEN(Verrucous epidermal nevus), LPH( lichen planus hypertrophicus), LSC(lichen simplex chronicus), Prurigo Nodularis, Nodular amyloidosis, electrical dermabrasion, manual dermabrasion.

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