Ankeeta R. Vispute, Suraj B. Kanase


             Background : the purpose of the study is to evaluate the effect of hot moist pack with exercises, electrical stimulation with exercises, and compare the effect of hot moist pack with exercises and electrical stimulation with exercises on shoulder hand syndrome in stroke subjects.

            Methods : A total of 40 patients were equally divided into two groups using simple random sampling with lottery method. Group A was given hot moist pack with exercises and Group B was given electrical stimulation with exercises.

            Result : Pre and post treatment protocol was analysed using paired t test and Unpaired t test. Unpaired t test analysis showed that there was extremely significant difference seen in p value for Visual analogue scale 0.0001 for Voluntary control grade 0.0002 and for Shoulder pain and disability index 0.0001      

           Conclusion: Electrical stimulation and exercises is significantly effective in reducing pain and improving voluntary control in subjects with shoulder hand syndrome.


Stroke, Shoulder hand syndrome, Hot moist pack, Electrical stimulation.

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