Rajvardhan Shelke, Sameer Kulkarni, Khalid Khatib


: Incidence and Clinical Profile of PICUS( Prolonged Intensive Care Unit stay) patients.

Objectives: To study the incidence, clinical profile and outcomes of patients with chronic critical illness admitted to our ICU.

Materials and Methods: Retrospective analysis of patients admitted to our adult ICU during last 2 years. All patients with ICU stay > 21 days were included in the study. PICUS patients were classified according to their location in ICU and reason for ICU admission, as medical or surgical PICUS patients. The main endpoints of the study were ICU and hospital length of stay (LOS), and mortality.

Results: Of the total 3538 patients admitted to the ICU during the period of study, 67 patients had chronic critical illness & PICUS for an incidence of 1.9%. The mortality for medical and surgical PICUS patients was 50% and 44%, respectively (p=0.08).

Conclusions: A small component of critically ill patients admitted to ICU will turn into PICUS patients, requiring ICU care for a longer period of time. PICUS patients due to surgical indications for admission to ICU have longer ICU and hospital LOS but no significant increase in mortality.


CCI- chronic critical illness, MV- mechanical ventilation, PICUS – prolonged ICU stay

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