Basayya M Hosurmath


Imagine a society where there is no sign to direct people as they go on the streets or some where, and think not even a printed handout, or even every house you see is built just the same size the same color, and the same shape. How will the society look if there is nothing to identify the different brand of cars, shops, products and establishments etc.., so that believe the situation will be severely unpleasant and everyone will be in continuous confusion and difficult to understand too. In this way  will be exploring the beauty of Graphic design, when it began and influences it has in our societies today. Design can be dated back as the pre-historic period when the early men drew figures of animals in caves. Those drawings probably could have been for aesthetics, many historians agree they were tools for their hunting games. From then on design has always been in existence and playing vital roles. The ancient Egypt in 500BC used pyramid engravings and artistic illustrations to convey messages.


Communication, illiterate, progressed

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