P. Abirami, J. Sivasubramanian


The world of business is not any more reserved for men; Women have started to take up greater roles. Women entrepreneurs have become an inevitable part of the global economic scenario in recent years and it is evident from the Forbe’s recent listing of women billionaires around the globe. Though there is much conspiracy around the fact that they have inherited their money, the very fact that they run and maintain a versatile business has hit a tipping point. The same scenario can be mapped on to the women owned economically miniature smaller startups and initiatives. Though the net value of the women might differ but the struggles that face to run and to sustain in their business is undeniable. This paper talks about the status of the women entrepreneurs in global and in Indian scenario, the challenges faced by them, factors influencing women to become entrepreneurs, the need for government polices to foster women entrepreneurship, and how the emerging women entrepreneurs are accelerating the growth of the global economy.


Entrepreneurship, Women and Business.

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