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Energy consumption pattern of each country depends on its economic activity, whether it is based on industry or agriculture. Another major factor that determines the level of energy consumption is population. India is a populous country accounting nearly one-sixth of the world’s population. Due to this the country became the fourth largest consumer of primary energy. The major sectors like agriculture, industry, and transport and house hold sector drive the country to a higher economic position with massive energy at consumption. At the sametime it has been an established fact that pollution emitted by the use of energy has degraded the quality of natural resources like water, air and forest and also gave rise to energy related environment concerns such as climate change and global warming which leads to health conflicts. Hence, the nations should have a great concern on environment, which is the only asset that we leave for our future generation. An analysis on the energy consumption and environment quality in India reveals that the nation’s thirst for development demands more energy and in future the energy demand will increase many fold. Though development of nation is the positive trend but this may lead to heavy pollution emission, resource degradation and decrease in quality of air and water. Not only India, all the nations of the world are witnessing the same trend for energy demand which points out the potential danger that we place on environment and its sustainability.


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