Madhuri S. Kate, Ritika Kumar


MCRCC is also known as multilocular clear cell RCC and multicystic clear cell carcinoma.1 It is important to differentiate this entity from clear cell RCC since it is associated with a good prognosis.1  Literature reports a very low incidence of 1-2% of MCRCC among renal neoplasms.2  Men are more commonly affected than women.2 There is a male: female preponderance  of 3:1.1.3  All patients have been adults (20 to 76 years, mean age 51 years).1,3

The first such reported case was in 1957 by Robinson.2

We report a case of 65 year old male who presented with abdominal lump and pain, underwent nephrectomy.


CARCINOMA, Multilocular, classi􀃶cation

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