Babita Kujur, Naina Wakode


An accessory parotid gland (APG) is a collection of salivary tissue usually separated from the main parotid gland. It lies between the zygomatic arch above and the parotid duct below. On routine dissection of head and neck region, we found an accessory parotid gland measuring 35x23 mm on right side of the face, in a male cadaver aged about 60 years. It was triangular in shape, with its base almost continuous with the main parotid gland and apex reaching upto the anterior border of masseter muscle. It drained into the same Stenson’s duct measuring 65mm in length and 4.45mm in external diameter. Further dissection was done to find out its relationship to nearby structures. Knowledge of APG and its surrounding structures would help surgeons and clinicians to distinguish between APG and any other mid cheek mass (lipoma, cyst, and lymphangioma). Also help in selecting appropriate anatomical landmarks during parotidectomy.


Accessory parotid gland tumor, Stenson’s duct, parotidectomy, marginal mandibular nerve.

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