Dhiraj Talkar, G. Varadhrajulu


Background: the purpose of this study was to assess the effect of passive and active stretching on elbow flexor spasticity in stroke survivors.

Method: 30 subjects stroke with elbow flexor spasticity were included in this study. The age between 40-80 years. Subjects were selected by simple random method and allocated into 2 groups, for group A passive stretching and for group B active stretching of elbow flexor. Before and after the treatment subjects were assessed and analysed with Modified Ashworth scale for (elbow flexor)  and Goniometry Range of motion ( Elbow extension) .      

Result: Pre and post treatment protocol was analysed using Wilcoxon matched-pairs test and Mann-whitney test for Modified Ashworth Scale and paired t-test and unpaired t-test for goniometry. This analysis showed that no significant difference in tone of elbow flexor muscle (p=0.7857) and no significant difference in ROM of elbow extension (p=0.4400).

           Conclusion: Present study concluded that both passive stretching and active stretching showed significant relief of pain, reduce muscle tone and improvement in range of motion. It showed extremely significant improvement in range of motion statistically and clinically and thus facilitated the outcomes. Overall there was no significant difference found between groups.


Passive stretching, Active stretching, Elbow

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