Sarita K. Sharma, Sonali S. Patil, Shruti Shukla


In the absence of vaccine against HIV/AIDS, prevention depends only on health education and behavioural changes. Teachers can play an important role in educating and informing young people about HIV/AIDS. Training of teachers is thus vital and for this it is important to assess the needs of teacher. Hence this study was carried out to assess knowledge, attitudes and opinions of school teachers regarding HIV/AIDS.

Study design: Cross-sectional study.

Study subjects & Setting: Teachers of three randomly selected schools of Nagpur City.

Results: The awareness of teachers about HIV/AIDS was relatively good, but there were certain areas of misconceptions.Majority (85.5%) opined that they could play an important role in educating the students regarding HIV/AIDS, and were willing to undergo a training for the same. The results suggest that after a proper in-servicetraining teachers can be effectively utilized for educating the students.


HIV/AIDS, school teachers, awareness, opinions

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