Lakshmy C Senan, Balaji S, Rabinarayan Tripathy


Hypertension is the major cause of CVDs and stroke around the globe and is estimated to cause about 12.8% of all the deaths. The worldwide occurrence of hypertension has increased from 4.5%, to 7% from 2007-2010 (WHO-2008; AU-2013). Several in-vivo studies have been done in rats to prove the safety and efficacy of leaves of Moringa (Shigru) an Ayurvedic shrub in hypertension1. Safety and efficacy studies did not show any toxicity till a dose of 100 mg/kg body weight2. This pilot study was conducted on 10 human subjects diagnosed with spontaneous hypertension. The paper was presented as a poster in the 104th Indian Science Congress held at Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. The study has proved that the decoction of Moringa oleifera leaves are effective in reducing blood pressure.


Anti hypertensive, Moringa leaf, Blppd Pressure

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