K. M. Anandkumar, Arvind. G, Athira V. G, Poojith Kumar J


Portable smart pill dispenser is an automated pill dispenser for safe medication through proper guidance by a smart-phone application. The mobile application acts as a reminder to take specified pill and monitors the proper intake of tablets. The pill dispenser is an Internet of Things based device which is used to dispense the tablets required based on the physician’s prescription. This project is targeted to help people who are under monitored medication and suffering from Alzheimer’s, to make their medication process easy. Currently people under such medical conditions either have to rely on some third person to assist their tablet intake or feel difficulty in reading tablet names. It is always possible for medication errors to happen. These errors may cause major health effects, sometimes these may cause death. Having proper dosage of medicine at right time is required to treat any disease. When people take a lot of tablets in a single time, it is possible that they get confused with the order and number of tablets they have to take. Also certain patients who are bedridden and those who are suffering from nervous disorder may consider it difficult to take tablets from various bottles. To overcome all these difficulties we have proposed the automatic pill dispenser which is controlled by an algorithm based on the physician’s prescription. The mobile application is used to monitor pill consumption of the patient by the caretaker. The pill dispenser is integrated with the mobile application to receive alert messages and notifications related to the pill dispenser and to provide reminder and monitor the tablet intake. This device is portable and thus people can take it along with them wherever they go. This product can be used to automatically update the pill quantities and thus we can link the device with a local medical shop so that we can get a home delivery of tablets as and when needed. The system can be integrated with a smart watch to monitor if the health is deteriorating even after the consumption of the medicine, mainly in the case of patients with heart disease.


Internet of things (IOT ), Sensors, Arduino, Mobile Application and Automated Pill Dispenser.

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