Volynski R., Selezov I, Gulko N


A widely accepted method consists in use of the sanitary landfill which was developed in USA in the early thirties.The purpose of landfill is to bury the trash in such a way that it will be isolated from groundawater,will be kept dry and will not be in contact with air.Landfilling has the disadvantage needing extremely long time  to fill its volume and attain an inert mode.Novelty of the present paper consists in taking into consideration the struggle for survival between the microbial populations of the acidogens and methanogens converting garbage in the carbon dioxide and methane. Present mathematical model constitutes a set of two first order nonlinear ordinary differential equations,six empirical parameters and two initial conditions.Equations were solved by means of the Runge-Kutta finite-difference numerical method implemented in the Matlab.The results are illustrated by numerical examples.The calculations show that there is a possibility for reduction runtime for the landfill from start to exit to inert mode


landfill,waste processing,mathematical model,runtime reduction.

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