Ashish Zarariya, Yogesh Kamble


Background: The spectrum of liver disorder during pregnancy is varied from asymptomatic pregnant woman to a fulminant form with life threatening complications. Commonly liver disorder manifests as jaundice. This study aims to analyze the incidence, risk facors, causes of liver disease, clinical presentation, complications and maternal-fetal outcome.

Methods: A prospective observational type of study conducted on 100 patients with jaundice attending antenatal clinic in our hospital over a period of one year.

Results: A total 100 cases of liver diseases complicating pregnancies were recorded out of 30,096 deliveries (0.33%).Viral hepatitis ( 71%) and HELLP syndrome (21%) accounted for majority of cases. Hepatitis E (38%) was the most common cause of liver disease and leads to high maternal-fetal morbidity and mortality.

Conclusion: Liver disease in pregnancy have a non specific presentation. Appropriate supportive management and policy of early delivery will help in improving maternal and fetal outcomes in pregnant women with liver disease.


viral hepatitis, HELLP syndrome, Hepatitis E

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