Sonal Gupta, Maneesh Sulya


Objectives To assess the reliability of fine needle aspiration cytology as a diagnostic procedure of the thyroid disorders which will help to decide the line of management , treatment.and  correlating its findings with subsequent histopathological examination.


Methodology 108 cases of thyroid swelling due to various disorders were included. These cases were taken from different wards of G.M.C as well as those referred from O.P.D. of this hospital. All patients were subjected to thorough clinical evaluation followed by F.N.A.C. In some cases histopathological examination was done subsequently for definitive diagnosis as others didn’t turn up for follow up or refused to undergo surgery.

Results Sensitivity of FNAC was 85.72% in the present study and specificity was 98.18%. The test was found to be more specific than sensitive in diagnosing malignant lesions after correlating with histopathological findings. Diagnostic accuracy of the test was 96.77% in the present study.


Conclusion. FNAC is an important diagnostic tool in diagnosing thyroid lesions with high degree of specificity and high diagnostic accuracy. It can be safely applied in all types of thyroid lesions with advantage of simple maneuvers without the need of assistance of surgeons and anaesthetists. It is economic, safe and least traumatic OPD procedure, which produce speedy results


Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology [FNAC],Thyroid Swelling,Histopathological examination

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