A. Rohini, Dr. A. Yogeswari


Aim: To determine the prevalence of diabetic maculopathy, prevalence of the found type of maculopathy and correlation with the stage of diabetic retinopathy.

Materials and methods:

This was a bidirectional observational cohort study of 100 cases (199 eyes with one single eyed) of type 2 Diabetes with diabetic retinopathy in atleast one eye conducted in Tirunelveli medical college and hospital. Stage of diabetic retinopathy according to Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy (ETDRS) grading system was done. Type of maculopathy was documented using fundus fluorescein angiography. Correlation of diabetic retinopathy with the stage of diabetic maculopathy was tested statistically.


49.61% of maculopathy patients had diabetes for less than 10 years. Diffuse maculopathy (63.57%) was the most common type of maculopathy followed by focal (27.91%), ischaemic (4.65%) and mixed (3.87%) maculopathy. Mixed type of maculopathy was common in the younger age group. Moderate NPDR and severe NPDR showed maximum proportion of patients with maculopathy.


The study demonstrated significant increase in diabetic maculopathy in the sixth decade. Diffuse maculopathy was the commonest irrespective of the stage of diabetic retinopathy.


diabetic maculopathy, macular edema, diabetic retinopathy

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