Mehul R Mahesh, Bennett Atlin Correya, Joy PT


Fixed Partial dentures  are an excepted form of management for missing teeth where the retainers are placed on abutment teeth.  Splinting of multiple abutments to overcome mechanical problems of long edentulous span or  loss of  bone support of  abutments is often required.
Finite element method was used  to assess  if  multiple abutments in fixed prosthesis modifies the stresses and deflections in cases where splinting is required due to compromised periodontium. 
There was reduction in stress and deflection of  supporting structures when a fixed prosthesis was fabricated and teeth were splinted together as 4, 5 or 6 unit FPD in reduced bone support models. This was not proportional with any increase in number of units.  It was concluded that  increasing the number of abutments does not proportionately decrease the stress on the periodontium..


fixed partial dentures, finite element analysis, splinted abutments

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