Srivastava Ashish, Gupta A K, Sharma V P, Kumar D, Mishra S R, Yadav G


Background: Adhesive capsulitis is a common condition involving glenohumeral joint.
Objective : To compare outcome of physical therapy alone and with suprascapular nerve block in adhesive capsulitis shoulder.
Methodology: This study was performed in a tertiary care teaching institution of North India. Age and sex matched, subjects with periarthritis
shoulder were enrolled in this study. Subjects were assessed by ROM parameters, Oxford Shoulder Score (OSS) and Shoulder Pain and Disability
Index (SPADI) at 3weeks, 6 weeks and 3 months interval.
Results: 80 patients were included with mean age group of 51.28 ± 7.63 yrs and 52.88 ± 7.59 yrs in control and intervention group respectively.
Outcome measures were ABD, ER, IR, FLX, EXT, OSS and SPADI which improved from 83.10 ± 8.57, 35.38 ± 6.03, 32.00 ± 5.52, 18.10 ± 1.71and
79.23 ± 2.51 respectively to 126.13 ± 10.65, 63.25 ± 5.83, 63.13 ± 5.37, 36.13 ± 2.03, 45.38 ± 2.94 respectively at 12 weeks of suprascapular nerve
Conclusion: Combined approach of SSNB followed by physical therapy accelerates the recovery of idiopathic frozen shoulder. It is effective and
safe to administer.


Adhesive capsulitis, Suprascapular nerve block, Oxford shoulder score, Shoulder pain and disability index.

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