Dr. Savita Kamble, Dr. Tejaswini Kale (Pingle)


Pregnancies which occur too frequently have adverse impact on health of mother as well as the child. The postpartum period is the most convenient
time for health care provider and the mother for Cu T insertion as in this period the pregnancy is ruled out and the procedure requires less time and
can be done in same hospital visit. Majority of women conceive in lactationalamenorrhea due to lack of awareness about contraception and land up
with unwanted pregnancy. This leads to morbidity & mortality related to abortion as women usually come in second trimester fortermination. This
study is an attempt to establish PPIUCD as a safe and effective method of contraception which helps to increase interpregnancy interval. In our
study 25% of patients at 6 weeks and 16% at 6 months had minor complications as pain and bleeding.Removal rate and expulsion rate were 5%
and2.5% respectively. Continuation rate was 91.89%.Postpartum Intrauterine Contraceptive Device is a safe and effective method of contraceptive
with less complication.


postpartum IUCD, Kelly's forceps

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