Muktanjalee Deka, Manisha Salvi


Sinonasal  Teratocarcinosarcoma  (SNTCS)  is  a  very  unusual  and  aggressive  neoplasm  characterized   by  a  histologic  combination  of  malignant  teratoma  and  carcinosarcoma  with  a  triphasic  growth   pattern  including  epithelial,  mesenchymal  and  primitive  neuroectodermal  components.  This  neoplasm is  mostly  seen  in  adults  with  a  mean  age  of  55  years.  Here,  we  report  a  SNTCS  in  a  17  year old  male  presented  with  left  sided  nasal  mass  for  last  6  months  which  was  surgically  resected. Histopathology  and  immunohistochemistry  confirmed  the  diagnosis  of  sinonasal  teratocarcinosarcoma. SNTCS  is  highly  malignant  and  locally  aggressive.  About  60%  patients  do  not  survive  beyond  3 years.  Total  excision  and  extensive  sampling  are  necessary  to  reach  the  diagnosis.  Early  diagnosis and  management  can  give  a  better  prognosis


malignant teratoma, carcinosarcoma, teratocarcinosarcoma

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