Dr. K. Himaja, Dr. D.Chalapathi Rao, Dr. C. Ravi kumar, Dr. M. Sujesh, Dr. D. Sreenivasulu


CAD/CAM called as Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing, was first introduced in mid 80's. In dentistry,
conventional methods of fabrication of prostheses have been considered the gold standard for several years. The development of
computer-aided manufacturing and its application in dentistry have provided an alternative way of fabricating oral prostheses.
CAD/CAM technology was developed mainly to ensure adequate strength of the restoration, to create restoration with a naturally
pleasing appearance and to make the restoration easier, faster and more accurate. This narrative review aims to evaluate the
development of various CAD/CAM systems, operational components and restorative materials commonly used.


CAD/CAM systems, operational parts, 4D imaging, materials used.

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