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Paraurethral cysts are a rare congenital abnormality presenting as interlabial mass in female neonates. These cysts
form due to obstruction of the glandular ductus or cystic degeneration of embryonic remnants of the paraurethral
glands. Paraurethral glands and ducts that empty into the vaginal vestibule close to the urethral meatus are rudimentary female homologs
of the prostate, and the two largest of these ducts are known as Skene's ducts. The differential diagnosis of paraurethral Skene's duct cysts in
newborns includes imperforate hymen, Gardner duct cyst, Mullerian duct cyst, urethral prolapse, rhabdomyosarcoma of the vagina,
prolapsed ectopic ureterocele, condyloma, urethral polyp, congenital lipoma and vaginal prolapse. The distinguishing features of
paraurethral cysts are the displacement of the urethral meatus by the mass and a cyst containing milky 􀃸uid. Treatment options vary from
observation to surgery. Rarely, Skene's duct cysts require no drainage and resolve with time or rupture spontaneously. This reported case
showed spontaneous regression of the cyst in a period of three month. The rare nature of the lesion and spontaneous resolution of the same
makes it a rare case study.


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