Dr Chandra Sekhar Tripathy, Dr Rajnikant Shukla, Dr Amrit Pattojoshi, Dr. Ajay Kumar Bakhla


Prevalence of headache among patients with psychotic disorder: a cross sectional cohort study.
Aims—We plan this study to explore the prevalence of headache among psychotic disorders.
Methods— : It was a cross sectional observational study. All subjects were assessed for inclusion – exclusion criteria, and on quali􀃶cation
they were requested to 􀃶ll up Socio-demographic data sheet or asked verbally and 􀃶lled up by investigators.
Results— A total of 245 subjects with mean age of 35.38 years (± 5.17 years) with mean duration of psychotic illness of 2.32 ± 0.54 Years,
53.87% males and mostly belonging to hindu religion 80.40% and 64.08 % were unemployed. There was headache among 189 (77.14 %) of
the sample, Migraine consisted 22.85%, Tension headache consisted 43.26 %, Cervicogenic headache 7.75% and remaining was others or
unspeci􀃶ed types of headache 3.26%.
Conclusions— This study 􀃶nds a prevalence of 77.14 % of headache among psychotic patients, that includes migraine among 22.85%;
tension headache 43.26%; cervicogenic 7.75 % amd others or unspeci􀃶ed 3.26%.


Prevalence; Psychosis; Headache.

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