Dr. Smita Sawant, Dr. Nirmala Gaikwad, Dr. Kalpana Hajirnis, Dr. Shumalia Zaheer


Cholecystectomy for gall bladder diseases is the most commonly performed surgical procedure worldwide.
(1) Routine examination of the gall bladder after surgery throws up interesting possibilities including carcinoma.
In the present study total 265 cases were included where 186 (70.18%) were females & 79 (29.82%) were males. The male to female ratio was
1:2.35 in our study.
Age distribution showed maximum patient in the age group of 31-50 years, 57 patients in both the decade Histomorphologically, in our
study maximum cases were of chronic calculous cholecystitis 210 (79.24%) cases followed by chronic cholecystitis 20 (7.54%)cases acute on
chronic cholecystitis13 (4.90%)cases, acute calculous cholecystitis 8 (3.01%) cases.
Out of 265 cases 2 (0.77%) were adenocarcinoma. In our study we found one case of porcelain gall bladder, acute gangrenous cholecystitis,
adenoma gall bladder & acute perforating cholecystitis.
Our study strongly recommends routine histopathological examination of all cholecystectomy specimens.


Gallbladder Lesions, Adenocarcinoma Gall Bladder, Porcelain Gallbladder.

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