Jashnani Kusum D, Shetty Jyothi B, Nichat Prachi


HIV associated lipodystrophy is a well-known complication and can present as lipohypertrophy or lipoatrophy.
Along with issues of cosmesis and stigmatization, a principal concern that arises with lipodystrophy is a possible risk
of accelerated atherosclerosis.
In the present report we studied the dorsocervical swellings in HIV infected patients by cytological examination and analysed the patient
characteristics and treatment details with regards to the swelling Presence of a dorsocervical swelling should prompt one to elicit history of
retroviral disease and antiretroviral therapy in the patient. Conversely, nape of neck swelling occurring in HIV infected patients is most likely
to be benign lipomatous lesion.


Dorsocervical, Buffalo Hump, Hiv, Antiretroviral Treatment, Cytology.

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