Dr. P. Nellaiappar, Dr. A. P. Selvam, Sonia Sims, Thaddeus Alfonso


Background: Diabetic foot ulcer is a major complication in patients with diabetes mellitus and it calls for a surgical
intervention. Surgical management still remains a challenge.
Methods: Study was conducted at the Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery Department in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Chennai. We used a
proforma for data collection and SPSS version 20 for analysis.
Results: Among 118 DFU patients with type 2 DM, 72% male and 28% female with a mean age of 55.4 years. Ischemic ulcer was the common
type and forefoot was commonly affected. Split skin grafting was done for a majority followed by debridement; many adhered to treatment,
diet and physical exercise; and 89% got their DFU healed in one-year follow-up.
Conclusion: Early and appropriate surgical intervention and management of patients with DFU would result in reduced morbidity and
mortality, and better quality of life.


Diabetic foot Ulcer, Type 2 Diabetes, Surgical Management, Treatment Outcome

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