Dr.Rajesh Babulalji Ramteke, Dr Brajendra Kumar


Present study was done during the period from August 2012 to October 2014. Total 1038 cases of poisoning were
reported. Out of which 588 were admitted in our Hospital with the history of intake of some kind of poison out of
which 135 died. Total 216 cases of poisonous snake bite were admitted out of which 12 died. Total 234 cases of poisoning including 6 snake
bites were directly brought for post-mortem examination. Poisoning was observed more in males than females. Male female ratio was 1.6:1.
Thus male predominance was observed Maximum cases were reported from younger age group of 21-30 years. Religion wise poisoning was
more in Hindus, followed by Buddha's and Muslims.Poisoning was more in rural area than urban area. Common poisons in rural area were
Insecticides, Alcohol and Snake bite. Common poisons in urban area were rodenticides, alcohol, and various drugs like ferrous sulphate,
phenobarbitone, diazepam etc. Snake bites were rare in urban area.Poisoning was more common in people having low socio-economic
status, poisoning was rare in people having higher socio-economic status.Poisoning was common in uneducated and poor people.
Poisoning was rare among educated people.Period of survival was 0-6 hours in most of the cases.


Poisons,Rural Hospital,Trends

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