Dr. Vijay Tote, Dr. Dhananjay Prasad, Dr Brajendra kumar


Objective of our study was to assess usefulness of argyrophilic nucleolar organizer regions (AgNORs) in
distinguishing between the benign and the malignant breast lesions. The studied samples included 48 formalin-
􀃶xed, paraffin-embedded breast tissues which consist of following diagnostic categories: Adenosis (n=8), ductal hyperplasia (n=6),
in􀃶ltrative ductal carcinomas (n=14), in􀃶ltrative lobular carcinomas (n=5), and ductal carcinomas in situ (n=5).
Standardized AgNORs analysis was performed on the above mentioned samples according to the guide lines of the committee on AgNORs.
Quanti􀃶cation of AgNOR content was done by the usual counting method.The mean AgNORs counts of these studied cases were as follow :
Adenosis 2.59+/-0.54,ductal hyperplasia 3.15+/-0.54, benign cysts 1.7+/-0.42, phylloides tumor 4.2+/-1.18, in􀃶ltrative ductal carcinomas
8.92+/-1.68, in􀃶ltrative lobular carcinomas 8.79+/-1.11and ductal carcinomas in situ 8.84+/-2.54. The differences in mean AgNORs counts
between benign (2.58) and that of malignant lesions (8.84) were statistically signi􀃶cant (p-value 0.001).The use of AgNORs analysis is found
to be a helpful tool in addition to the conventional hematoxylin and eosin staining technique for the distinction between benign and
malignant breast lesions.


AgNORs,Benign and Malignant breast lesions.

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