Pramod Kr Singh, M. Thakur


BACKGROUND: musculoskeletal tumors requires a multimodality approach for diagnosis,management and
follow-up. It includes radiography, computed tomography (C T ), magnetic resonance imaging
(MRI),ultrasonography ,PET-CT scan
OBJECTIVE : To evaluate the effectivness of CT in accuracy of diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal tumors.
METHODS: Prospective stuy of bone and soft-tissue tumors with radiography and CT scan .
RESULTS: 40 cases was studied out of which 30 cases of bone tumours and 10 cases of soft –tissue tumours , including both benign and
malignant masses.
CONCLUSIONS: Conventional radiography and CT scan imaging techniques can provide noninvasive methods to diagnosis, evaluation and
surgical managements musculoskeletal tumors.


evaluation andsurgical managements musculoskeletal tumors

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