Dr Sandeepon Sarkar, Dr Amit Bajpai


In 2008 WHO published a surgical safety check list (SSCL) to reduce errors related to surgical procedures involving
various levels of a surgical team. In this study the local protocols were evaluated , compared with the WHO SSCL
and recommendations were implemented. Finally, results were analysed for postoperative complications. Aim & Objective: To assess the
effectiveness of WHO surgical safety checklist in reducing post operative complications. Materials and methods: This prospective
observational study was done at Army Hospital R &R and Base Hospital Delhi Cantt from Sep 2011 to Mar 2013. The study involved analysing
and comparing the pre and post interventional rates of post-surgical complications in 200 patients , where intervention is in the form of
implementation of SSCL. Results: Signi􀃶cant change after implementation of the check list were notes viz. in complication rates, sepsis
related mortality and morbidity , post op sepsis. Conclusion: WHO surgical safety checklist is very effective in reducing post op


Surgical Safety Check List, World Health Organisation

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