Tejas Rane, Virendra C. Patil, Akshay Kale


Rhino-cerebral mucormycosis is a rare, invasive fungal infection caused by fungi of the order Mucorale and class of
mucormycets. It is one of the diseases that remain poorly understood with high mortality rate. Presently, the triad of
clinician's awareness prompt initiation of treatment and timely surgical intervention is the effective way of managing the disease. We report
a case of 52 year old female with diabetes mellitus with history of fever, peri-orbital oedema, ptosis, opthalmoplegia and ulcers in hard palate.
Patient was diagnosed to have Rhino-cerebral mucormycosis with cavernous sinus extension. She was treated with intravenous
Amphotericin B, insulin, Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) and debridement. She was given intravenous antifungal therapy
followed by oral antifungal. Patient showed signi􀃶cant improvement.


Rhino-cerebral mucormycosis, Diabetes mellitus, opthalmoplegia, Amphotericin B

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