Dr. A. Himabindu


Heart receives its arterial supply by coronary arteries that have an epicardial course. Rarely they pass through
myocardium forming a myocardial bridge that narrows its lumen and decreases the blood 􀃸ow during systole.
Myocardial bridges have phylogenic origin and described in lower vertebrates. Normally right coronary artery passes through
atrioventricular groove without bending. Rarely it shows high tortuous bend known as shepherd’s crook artery. The present case showed
myocardial bridges on right coronary artery and its shepherd crook’s presentation.Coronary arteries supply the heart during diastole and
myocardial bridges are signi􀃶cant in conditions of tachycardia which decreases the diastolic period. Shepherd’s crook artery will need
special attention as it creates disturbances in procedures on right coronary artery.


Coronary Artery. Myocardial Bridges, Diastole

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