Dr. Ashish Pilania, Dr. Sugandha Arya, Dr. Jitender Kumar, Dr. Sanjay Talnia, Dr. Aditi Suhag


Burning Mouth Syndrome is a type of chronic oro- facial pain disorder of neuropathic/idiopathic origin. The term
burning mouth syndrome is reserved for describing oral burning that has no detectable cause. It is accompanied by
xerostomia and dysgeusia, and the tongue apex is the most commonly affected site. Patient reports intense burning as if the mouth or
tongue were 'scalded or burnt. Hence, it has been termed as scalded mouth syndrome. The lack of understanding the cause and mechanism
behind the syndrome adds to the difficulty in 􀃶nding a therapeutic management program.
Clinical signi􀃶cance- Chronic oro-facial pain disorders are diagnoses of exclusion, often suffer from misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis.
Hence, a thorough understanding of the etiology and psychological impact of this disorder, combined with novel pharmacological
interventions is required for better management.


Burning mouth syndrome, chronic oro-facial pain disorder, scalded mouth syndrome, Temporomandibular joint disorder

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