Swami Nityayogananda


The multifarious explanations to unravel the mystery of the origin, the evolution and finally the cessation of the universe, our existence, and everything within this universe as a whole - have eluded scientists since time immemorial. An attempt is made to logically expound a few fundamental aspects of this unfathomable cosmology. This, in turn, will throw a new light on our understanding of the universe. These explanations hinge on 3 central theories viz., (i) modifying and rebalancing Einstein’s field equation of General Relativity using the Energy-Momentum tensor generated by the Like-Potential Energy (LPE) state, a particular energy state postulated by the author, (ii) proposing a particular state beyond the state of all forms of energy and matter, justified to be the state of Consciousness Principle (CoP), the real unifying factor, and, (iii) bridging the overwhelming gap in understanding vacuum catastrophe, using LPE.


Consciousness Principle - General theory of relativity - Reality of Universe - Unification theory - Vacuum Catastrophe - Vibration.

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