Dr. Pullaiah Dudekula, Dr. Sreedhar Maddulapalli


Customer Satisfaction is an ambiguous and concept the actual manifestation of the state of Satisfaction will vary
from persons to persons service to service. The purpose of this paper is not a loose ended stand alone piece, on this
part on International Markets. This paper is kept here deliberately to provide integration of Foreign Markets with Domestic Markets through
one of the channels, namely, marketing, which is most vital for all activities. In India, service sector constitutes nearly 50% of GDP at present
and its rate of growth, is also higher at 7% as against 2-3% in the case of Agriculture and around 6-8% in the case of manufacturing sector.
Service sector has a stable demand as against 􀃸uctuating fortunes in the case of Agriculture and recession and boom conditions in
Manufacturing sector. With increasing specialization in all 􀃶elds, this trend has a tendency to proliferate in services also, as hiring of services
is more economical than to others and they hire mailing and Advertising Agencies, Instead of undertaking them by own agencies. Hence
the importance of the Service Marketing and as this paper deals with the Customer Satisfaction on Marketing of Financial Services, the
importance of the Service Marketing and as it deals with the Financial Services, the importance of marketing and the treatment of this
subject need no special mention. Customer Satisfaction is one of the results of purchases. A positive relationship between positive
discon􀃶rmation and satisfaction has been found in the marketing literature, with discon􀃶rmation having the largest effect on satisfaction,
larger than that of expectations. This paper helps to study the new generation in Financial Services.


Customer Satisfaction, Marketing of Financial Services Delivery, Bank Customers and Service quality

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