Dr. D. Venkata Ramana, Dr. Y. Ravi Shankar, Dr. Y. Lakshmi


A total of 126 dental students comprising of both males and females were randomly selected as the study subjects.
A standardized photographic procedure is used to obtain images of maxillary central incisor using DSLR, Digital
point and shoot and mobile phone cameras. A grid was used to divide the maxillary central incisor into 9 segments. The middle segments of
cervical, middle and incisal parts of maxillary central incisor tooth were taken as colour patches and CIE LAB values were measured with a
spectrophotometer, was taken as a control. Similarly CIE LAB values of shade tabs obtained from the spectrophotometer and digital image
samples. Then the magnitude of colour difference between the parameters of spectrophotometer vs digital images of central incisor and
shade tabs were calculated (ΔE) and are correlated. A one way ANOVA analysis was performed showing statistical signi􀃶cance in the incisal
third of the central incisal and digital camera being the one which is showing highest mean value among the three cameras.


shade tab, spectrophotometer, digital images, digital cameras

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