Sami Al Eissa, Mohammed Al Salman, Majed S. Abaalkhail, Mohammed Hassan Alshehri, Adeeb Rashid Almohimeed, Mohammed Benmeakel


Hereditary multiple exotoses patients are reported to have multiple osteochondromas that can present in the axial skeleton. Another entity of spine masses and lesions is Vertebral hemangiomas, which are well known for asymptomatic presentation and are classified as the most common begin lesions in the vertebral body.  No case was reported in literature and showed an association between HME and atypical hemangioma. We are presenting a 27-year-old man known case of HME, with a cord compression picture, and a pathological diagnosis of atypical intraosseous hemangioma. His MRI finding suggested an atypical mass with malignant features in T8-T9 level. Our report is shining a light on decreasing the threshold of suspicion when dealing with HME patients who are presenting with atypical back pain; and we recommend evaluating them thoroughly.


appearance benign hemangioma radiological pathological

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