M. Rizki Alfian, Asmin Lubis, Qadri Fauzi Tanjung


Magnesium sulphate is antagonists of the receptors of N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) and as a calcium channel
inhibitor (Cachannel blocker). The aim of this research is to determine the comparison of VAS and duration of
analgesia on the use of MgSO4 and intravenous ketorolac in dealing with pain during postoperative spinal anesthesia. This study was
conducted by double blind randomized sampling method July - September 2018 at the Adam Malik General Central Hospital. The total
samples obtained were 36 patients. The drug was prepared with the help of volunteer I who had randomized it (the researcher did not know
the medication given). Recording and observation of patients on vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory frequency) at T0 (2 hours
after anesthesia), T1 (3 hours), T-2 (4 hours), T-3 (5 hours), T- 4 (6 hours), T-5 (7 hours), T-6 (8 hours), T-7 (9 hours), and T-8 (10 Hours) after
anesthesia. From the result, samples based on age and sex, patients aged 18-32 years in the ketorolac group were 9 people (22.5%), while in
the MgSO4 group there were 9 people (22.5%). Patients aged 33-46 years in the ketorolac group were 12 people (30%) and in the MgSO4
group as many as 15 people (37.5%), while patients aged 47-60 years in the ketorolac group were 19 people (47.5%) and in the MgSO4
group there were 16 people (40%). Based on the age characteristics of patients, it was found that the data were relatively homogeneous (p>
0.05). Samples Based on Age, Gender and ASA PS, 43 men (53.75%) and women were 37 people (46.25%), with the youngest age 18 years
and the oldest age 60 years, with average - average age of 42.9 years. In the ketorolac group, there were 21 male samples (52.5%) and 22
MgSO4 groups (55%), while 19 females in the ketorolac group (47.5%) and MgSO4 group was 18 people (45%). Based on the characteristics
of the sample sex, it was found that the data were relatively homogeneous (p> 0.05) PS ASA 1 in the group that received ketorolac was 17
people (42.5%) and in the MgSO4 group were 19 people (47.5%). While subjects with PS ASA 2 who received ketorolac were 23 people
(57.5%) and in the MgSO4 group 21 people (52.5%). Ketorolac has a stronger analgesic effect than MgSO4 in patients who have undergone
surgery with spinal technique. MGSO4 can be used as an alternative as an analgesic for postoperative patients, but cannot be compared
with ketorolac.


Magnesium Sulfate, Ketorolac, Spinal Bupivacaine Anesthesia, Visual analog scale

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