Dr. C.M. Atkar, Dr. V.S. Panchalwar, Dr. Chandrashekar Gore, Dr. Shraddha Bhondve


Objectives of the study were to study the proportion of acute kidney injury in tropical acute febrile illness as well as to
assess the etiological profile of acute kidney injury in tropical acute febrile illness. Study design was descriptive type. It was
conducted at a tertiary care institute in Maharashtra between October 2014 to November 2016. We recruited 140 confirmed hospitalized cases
of tropical acute febrile illnesses (TAFI) and studied the occurrence of AKI in TAFI by the RIFLE criteria as well as by their association with
established diagnosis of tropical acute febrile illness. Out of total patients, 93 are male and 47 are female. Proportion of AKI in TAFI was 27.86%
in present study. Proportion of AKI was highest in falciparum malaria 10(43.48%).


Acute kidney injury, Tropical Acute febrile Illness, Etiological profile

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