Vinod Shende, Ramji Singh, Sachin Pawar


Chronic renal disease is associated with various complications particularly in later stages. Neuropathy is one of such
complication. ese changes can be diagnosed by various ways; nerve conduction study is most specific amongst them all.
We performed nerve conduction study on 384 chronic kidney disease patients after assessing our inclusion and exclusion criteria. Males and
females of 30 yrs and above were included in the study. Written consent and IEC clearance was obtained. All patients were subjected to
electrophysiological evaluation using RMS EMG EP Mark –II machine. Our results suggested that Prevalence of median, ulnar, tibial and
peroneal neuropathy is 44.01% on right side and 44.53% on left side, 44.79% on right side and 48.70% on left side, 56.51% on right side and 54.95%
on left side, 52.60% on right side and 52.60% on left side respectively. us we conclude that motor nerves of lower limb are more frequently
affected than upper limb.


Chronic renal disease (CKD), motor nerve conduction study, neuropathy

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