Rajan Sundaram, Thangavel Jayaprakash, Jayaraman Sangumani, Dinesh Ravichandran


CONTEXT: COPD is a progressive disease associated with systemic inflammatory response, which may lead to extra
pulmonary manifestations. This study observed the lipid profile changes in COPD patients and it is correlated with
various parameters.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To study the lipid profile status in stable COPD patients its correlation with other COPD factors.
STUDY DESIGN observational study
MATERIALS AND METHODS The study was conducted on 100 clinically stable COPD patients attended medicine OPD of Government
Rajaji Hospital & Madurai Medical College during the study period from April 2017 to August 2017. 50 matched persons were taken as controls.
Serum lipid profile and spirometry was performed in them.
RESULT: There were 87 Males & 13 Females cases.Total cholesterol (p=0.006) and LDL (p=0.001) was significantly increased and the HDL
was significantly decreased in relation with increasing in COPD stages. (p= 0.02).
CONCLUSION: Periodic monitoring of lipid profile is advised in COPD patients.


COPD, lipid profile, Dyslipidaemia

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