Ms Sreedevi Sriram, Dr Sutha Sellamoni, Dr G Karthikeyan


AIM: To use various occupational therapy treatment methods in the treatment of burn victims to improve their
performance in the Activities of Daily Living (ADL).
MATERIALS AND METHODS: 280 patients with burns with hand involvement admitted in Government Kilpauk Medical College and
Hospital, Chennai were taken for the study. Various therapeutic modalities and techniques of occupational therapy were used and the patients
were analyzed for functional improvement using the FIM system of scoring.
RESULT; Occupational therapy intervention was found to be effective in improving the functional skills of the burns victims. The level of
independence in self-care ADL, leisure and return to routine had improved significantly.
CONCLUSION: Occupational therapy is given for the rehabilitation of burns victims and is found to be effective for a better quality of life
following burns.


ADL, Burns hand, rehabilitation burns, FIM

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