Dr. Prathamesh Fulsundar, Dr. Divij Joshi, Dr. Rachna Darak


In Photobiomodulation ( low level light therapy) the cellular biology is modied by exposure to light in the red or near
infrared range (600 to 1000nm) using low energy lasers or LED's, which increases the rate of bone remodeling thus
accelerating the orthodontic tooth movement without causing any side effects on the periodontium. The device used consists of a silicone
mouthpiece, LED array and accelerometer. It can be used with any orthodontic treatment modality to increase the rate of tooth movement hence
reducing the treatment time. Photobiomodulation causes accelerated tooth movement by increased bone remodeling. Hence it reduces the
treatment time in orthodontic with lesser side effects as compared to other methods of accelerated orthodontics.


Orthodontics, Accelerated orthodontic treatment, Photobiomodulation, Low level light therapy

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