Dr Suresh Paramasivam, Dr. Murugesan Govindarajan


Mid-sagittal diameter of 3rd to 7th cervical vertebrae, is the single most important measurement, which highly correlates
with the risk of developing neurological deficit in patients with cervical spondylosis. Mid-sagittal diameter varies with
the sex, race, geographical area, nutrition, built of the target population.
In this study, we measured the midsagittal diameter in x-ray cervical spine lateral view and in anatomical cervical bone specimens in our local
We found baseline value of mid-sagittal in our local population by measuring mid-sagittal diameter of C3 to C7 in cadavers. We found that, the
midsagittal diameter highly correlates with the risk of developing cervical spondylotic myelopathy. Although radiographic measurement of
midsagittal diameter gives magnification of approximately 22%, it can be safely used as a screening tool in outpatient department.


Mid-Saggital Diameter,X-Ray, Cervical Spine, Spondylotic Myleopathy

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