Behera Sandhyarani, Nanda Sony


The incidence of broids in pregnancy ranges from 0.1-10.7% of all pregnancies. This study was carried out over a period
of 3years in 54 women, to assess the outcome of pregnancy in patients with uterine broids. Pregnant patients with
broids undergoing Medical termination of pregnancy were excluded. Majority were 26-30 years, more frequent in primigravidae (64.81%) than
multigravida (35.19%). 55.55% were term pregnancies and diagnosed by ultrasonography (85.19%). 40.74% of cases were terminated by
caesarean section. Most myomas were intramural (68.54%),less than 6cm in size (79.62%) and were single(87.04%) in number. 29.63% had no
complication during antenatal period, 74.09% had an uneventful delivery and 7.41% had fever during their puerperium. 42 babies delivered have
good outcome , 2babies had still birth, 4 babies were asphyxiated. A high degree of suspicion, delinquent search during ultrasonography and
proper management may decrease complications in cases of pregnancies with broid.


Myoma, uterine broids, fetomaternal outcome.

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