Sushovan Roy, Farzana Islam


BACKGROUND: Medical students are the future physicians on whom rests the health care of the coming generations.
Presence of unrecognized or untreated psychiatric disorders in them could compromise their future professional
competence. Information regarding current prevalence of psychiatric disorders in medical students in India are scant. The study was done to add
to the pool of knowledge about the same.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To nd out the prevalence of major psychiatric disorders among medical students in a college in New Delhi and to
counsel the diagnosed individuals to seek therapeutic help.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: Randomly selected and voluntarily enrolled medical students of both genders of a medical college in New
Delhi were the subjects. Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview, version 6.0 (MINI 6.0) was the diagnostic tool used.
RESULTS: Lifetime Major Depression was the most common diagnosis with 23.3% of the subjects registering the diagnosis. Lifetime Bipolar
Affective Disorder diagnoses were far less at 7.8%. Anxiety spectrum disorders were found to be the next most common ailment, with Lifetime
Panic Disorder and Generalized Anxiety both affecting 5.8% each. Agoraphobia was seen in 4.8%, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in 4.8% and
Social Phobia in 2.9%.
CONCLUSIONS: Psychiatric disorders in medical students remains a reality with little focus of the concerned authorities on it. It has been
seen that Psychiatric disorders crop up more as the student gains seniority reecting the effect of cumulative individual and social stress. Most of
the disorders start in a mild manner and are very amenable to treatment if started at the earnest. A routine psychiatric screening of the students on
admission would go a long way to prevent catastrophes in the future.


Medical Students, Psychiatric Disorders, MINI, Depression, Anxiety, Phobia

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