Dr. L. Muralidhar, Dr. Suresh Kumar Reddy Yena, Dr. Peshimam Abdul Samad


Comparison of plasma Folate levels in newly diagnosed, treatment naive, HIV positive patients with HIV negative
controls, Estimate the plasma Folate levels in patients and controls. Evaluate the Folate levels and its correlation to CD4
cell count. Patients belonging to both sexes attending to outpatient department of general medicine and ART centre in Gandhi hospital,
Secunderabad. Controls were healthy volunteers from Blood Bank, Gandhi Hospital. Our aim was to estimate the plasma folate levels in newly
diagnosed, treatment naive, HIV positive patients and compare them with their levels in HIV negative controls and also, correlate them with the
CD4 cell count. For this, we have studied Hemoglobin and serum folic acid levels in 50 HIV positive patients, who are not on HAART and 50
healthy controls. CD4 cell counts were estimated in the HIV positive patients. In HIV positive patients, 24 (48%) were males and 26 (52%) were
females and in controls, 26 (52%) were males and 24 (48%) were females. Mean age of HIV positive patients was 30 years and of controls was 26
years. There was no statistically signicant difference in the male female ratio and age distribution at baseline level in the test and control group.


HIV, Plasma folate levels


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